CBSB is a Sports Management company focused on ensuring its clients receive the best support, advice and representation in every facet of their professional and personal lives.


CBSB Sports Management is a full spectrum professional sports management business working with athletes in a variety of sports including football to MMA fighting.

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  • Public relations & media

    Every professional athlete is a brand in their own right. Businesses and the public want to be associated with successful role models which is why your relationship with the public and within media, is a key aspect of how you as a brand is positioned in the public eye.

  • Sponsorship

    We work directly with some of the biggest brands in the world and have generated revenue through brands for its athletes time and again. Due to the full management we offer, we maximise your profile to be one of the first choices in you being associated with a brand.

  • Player welfare & liaison

    The company was founded as a result of requests from a number of sports people disenchanted with the service provided by their exisiting agents, and seeking an organisation that would make the sports person themselves core to the thinking and actions of the business.